Dog Show Candids

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  • You can order photos directly from the website. Just click on the SHOPPING BAG icon in the top right of the photo to add to shopping cart.
  • You can also share photos of your dogs and your friend's dogs to Facebook! Use the SHARE button (looks like an arrow) to share!
  • For some reason the order form makes you fill in your mailing address. I do not need this info. You can put fake info in there if you want.
  • I am very proud and honoured to be partnered with Canadian Dog Fancier!  Photos being used in Canadian Dog Fancier ads will receive a 10% discount. You must let me know at time of ordering. Use coupon code 'CDF' at checkout! Once ads are verified with CDF you will receive your discount. CDF discounted photos will also have a CDF branded logo added.
  • I CANNOT TAKE CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS. I can accept: E-tranfer (preferred) , Paypal (with a 5% service fee- I will send you an invoice), and cheque/money order. Unless you comment in the NOTE section of the order form, I will assume you will be paying by etransfer and will give you payment instructions once you submit your order. Etransfers can be sent to me at .
  • Photos are $25 or 5 for $100 and can be a combination of any shows.
  • Junior handling photos are ALWAYS free to download!
  • I will NOT alter the appearance of any dog. If you would like a background edit or to have it changed out completely please contact Wendy Reyn at  for a quote. 
  • If you are looking for a particular show, you can use the search (magnifying glass) on the right side below.